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Hurry! Visit our showroom to discover the new Armstrong collection of Vinyl flooring. You will be blown away by the look of the floors in this new collection. Create the amazing realistic version of the greatest stone and wood floor but enjoy the easy maintenance and resilience of the vinyl floor.



Embellish your home with a rug. Choose from our wide range of MOS International rugs. Come in and discover their numerous collections They have a wide variety of styles and colours which come in all sizes to suit your home. The rugs are of good quality and are at affordable prices.

Personalise each room with a rug. You will find a rug to suit your indoors and outdoors:

  • Children play area and bedroom
  • Lounge room
  • Entertainment room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Outdoor Patio

Add that final touch today!

Customers are welcome to take samples to view in their homes.

MOS International rugs collections include: Allure, Bellini, Bloom Shaggy, Crystal Shaggy, Extacy, Galleria, Lelo Shaggy, Lobby Shaggy, Loft Shaggy, Luxury Shaggy, Malm Shaggy, Suva, Play Mat, Odyssey Shaggy, Odyssey Design...